Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Super Easy Chalkboard Project

Sorry for the short post today! I'm taking a half day to spend much needed quality time with my grandparent's who are in town from Florida.

But I did want to post about a super easy project I did this weekend.

In my basement, we have our circuit breaker switch box on one of our main walls. Luckily it is hidden behind a cute cupboard door. But it still is quite awkward. Ryan and I have debated...do we try to hang something over it? How do we make it look purposeful?

Well I decided to make it into a Chalkboard. I simply took the door off--primed it with spray paint primer and spray painted two coats of Chalkboard spray paint onto it.

Please don't judge--as you can see we haven't begun hanging anything in our basement...and now we'll probably wait for our new windows to be installed.
I love the way it turned out! Not only does it look really cool and like it's supposed to be there...but we can write fun messages when we have people over, including Happy Thanksgiving...and even take bets on football games :)

I also love the idea of a Chalkboard painted piece in a guest room--so you can welcome your guests! 

It's the easiest project you'll ever tackle!

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