Monday, November 29, 2010

Ikea Kitchen Cabinets--I've got my eye on you!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I had a completely fabulous and much needed Thanksgiving break! I spent time with both my family and Ryan's family, and ate so much food!!!

But I am very excited to get back to my blog :) This week look out for a mega post on bathrooms (something I promised last week) as well as nursery inspiration boards (not for me :)

But until then...let me share some amazing photos of Ikea Kitchens.

I had my family over my house on Wednesday for a pre-Thanksgiving Thanksgiving dinner. It was so much fun to have everyone in our house cooking, laughing, reading, etc. But I did realize that Ryan and I still live very "college-ey" sometimes. For instance, we don't have things that you just expect in grown up mixing bowls...and ice, instead we have 1 million wine glasses :) So my goal for December is to start organizing my kitchen.  Storing 500,000 of my wine glasses back in the attic, and introducing my cabinets to essentials such as measuring cups.

In my quest for grown-up existence, I can't help but notice that eventually I will need new cabinets! Although my kitchen has increased in attractiveness ten-fold since we moved in (think poop-brown laminate cabinets with brass hardware and a gold & wood ceiling fan) we always knew painting white paint over laminate cabinets was a quick not-forever fix. Not only are the cabinets chipping, but the hinges are old and need to be re-screwed more often than I would like. Of course none of this is visible to the occasional guest, but it keeps me up at night!

So one of my many New Year's Resolutions is to save up for new kitchen cabinets. Of course, I will want an all-white kitchen similar to what I have now...and I am seriously digging the real-wood sprayed white cabinets from Ikea. I've seen many designers use these and with the 25-year warranty it is a win-win!

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