Monday, November 22, 2010

Productive Weekend = Rug + Tree + Windows + Boots

Happy Monday!

So I had some ambitious plans for this past weekend. And although I wasn't able to check everything off... Ryan and I worked our tail ends off!

I didn't make the $5 wreath yet.
I haven't found dining chairs.
Although I didn't paint my shutters, I researched how to remove my plastic shutters, and purchased the shutter locks needed to refasten.

But I did install my boot rod hanger (1). It is so nice to get my boots off of my office floor and organize them. Although the hangers have soft plastic, I am still a little paranoid about marks so I folded paper towels inside the hangers against my boots. This was so super easy to install--and looks great!

I also finally bought a rug (2) ! As you know I've been looking forever and was focusing on more of a Persian rug as opposed to a graphic print, but I came across the most perfect PotteryBarn rug ever on eBay!
What do you think? Won't it look amazing with my nautical concept?! Although I promise not to go to "Theme" like this :)
Since I'm hosting Thanksgiving on Wednesday, Ryan and I decided to set up our Christmas tree (3) early!

I also finally ordered 6 new basement windows (4) from Home Depot, hopefully to be installed before the tax credit runs out :)
And a chalkboard project (5) I'm going to post more about later this week!

So I'd say in the history of productive weekends, this weekend ranks fairly high!

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