Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My pics of Roma

So it's been a full two weeks since I was in Rome, and it already feels like forever! But if I close my eyes real tight, I can still spell the strong espresso beans, taste the red wine, and feel the 2000 year old brick cobblestone beneath my shoes.

I am truly in love with Rome and the Roman people. Their style, their food, their city, their attitude toward life--I need a little Rome in my life!

Here are some of the beautiful Roman moments I was able to capture and take home with me:

We found this amazing restaurant that started selling wine back in 1733, we ate here twice.
The wine was so good, here I am pretending I'd drink it straight from the bottle.

This the morning of a workday, and this lady is confidently walking to work in stilettos and python skin paints...fabulous!

 I think these women were waiting for a wedding to begin...I love their hair pieces!

At the bottom of the Spanish Steps there is a super long street filled with every high-end designer shop you can think of...the window displays were enough to swoon over...

This is literally one of the only home decor shops I spotted in Rome...I wonder if they do all of their buying online?

Everywhere you looked there were more charming streetscapes than the last. I love this black framed door with ivy growing around it! I have ivy on my house...but it doesn't look like that!
If I lived in Rome--I would want a super cute red roller skate just like this:

This man was such a good guitarist. Many Romans are professionals during the day, and artists at night. If you look closely you can see his little dog curled up on his guitar bag!
No matter how carefully or strategically you pack, you are always going to feel frumpy / sloppy compared to the Italians you walk amongst. This is literally how most men look during the day...swoon!!!!!

I loved this old couple buying hazelnuts from a stand in Piazza Navona. How cute are they?!

I was surprised at how many hot dogs and corgis I saw in Rome...
 I love how all of their signs are etched in beautiful stone on the buildings like this--I'd like to an American kid could knock that down!

I literally stalked this woman. Look how fabulous she looks...I think I later saw these exact pieces in Zara...but she is totally rocking this look!

 I had to throw this in...this is Ryan's unauthorized photos of the Sistine Chapel!

 This is what the Romans call "Subtle Decor" :)

This is a photo of Caesar Augusto's wife's house thousands of years ago...ahhh what I could have done with this space...
 Roman Ruin Tiles

We stayed at this fabulous boutique hotel right on Via Veneto called Stylish Rooms. It was in an apartment building, and this was our elevator...

 Roman door knob

 Roman bull dog at the bottom of the Spanish Steps

This was a super cool shop where you could pick the fabric and then they made the tie custom
 We stumbled upon this huge celebrity party. I have no idea who this woman is, but all the paparazzi were going crazy so I figured I'd snap a won't see Ryan since he ran away with embarrassment :)

Add this to the list of...I'd never wear, but I can't help but love

Just a pick up game of Rugby

 Bottom of the Spanish Steps

 Top of the Spanish Steps
 Cafe outside of our hotel

Two very happy and 100% charmed Americans

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