Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Christmas and a Merry New Year!

This week, I'll be taking a mini-vacation from I'm off to Chicago!

I figure when you have just avoided a huge snow storm on the east coast (a la DC) where better to go to celebrate??? Chicago and below freezing temperatures!
I hope your Christmas (and every other holiday one may celebrate)...and New Year's are filled with as much love, laughter, friends, family, and joy as mine have been.

I am truly a lucky lucky girl!

I will leave you with some super chic and quirky holiday images from (one of my favs) Kate Spade...

Check back next week for some awesome inspiration boards, DIY projects...and a sneak peek at my basement!!!

Talk to you in 2011

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2 Great Gifts for a Design Lover

I received two of the cutest (and most thoughtful) Christmas gifts from special co-workers/friends I wanted to share...

First is a print from one of my favorite blogs, MadebyGirl

I absolutely adore this will be perfect in my office!!!

And the second is the Jonathan Adler Coffee Cup from Starbucks!

By teaming with (RED)™, Starbucks is working together with customers, reaching out to the communities in Africa where coffee is grown, and helping to improve the lives of those living with HIV.
The Inspiration…   
“The design represents two sources of inspiration I feature in all of my pieces – Peace and Love.”- Jonathan Adler

Designer Jonathan Adler
If you have know of a person who loves good design...and good coffee...she/he will love both of these!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Apartment Therapy Bedroom Posts of 2010

My girlfriend at work (you know who you are :) has asked me to help with decorating her bedroom and living room...I am so excited!

But it got me thinking of great bedroom design, and then I came across this post on Apartment Therapy higlighting some of their best bedroom photos of 2010.



They are all so different, but interesting and beautiful in their own way!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide 2010

As promised (and I hope it's not too late) here are some of my favorite gift ideas...

A calendar from Minted.

 Totes from llbean.

Leather iPad Case & tote from Clarevivier.
Custom sketch from Kiki & Polly (Martha Stewart Living Reader discount)!
Kiki & Polly print.

iPhone gloves--at Nordstrom
Infinity scarf and bracelet from JCrew

Wall art from Urban Outfitters
Vintage covered books from Anthropologie.

Scarf from Anthropologie.
Jewelry boxes from Anthropologie.
Nesting bowls from Anthropologie.
Bottle opener from Anthropologie.
Chic apron from Anthropologie.
Vases from Crate & Barrel.

Scallop frames from West Elm.

Jewelry boxes from West Elm.

Faux fur & velvet throw blanket from Potterybarn.

Monogrammed beer pitcher and mugs from Potterybarn.

Happy Shopping!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas DIY Ideas

I know I promised a gift-guide, but I'm hoping to have it finished by Monday.

In the meantime, I thought I would share a couple more DIY ideas I love to do around Christmas...

Christmas Tree:

#1 Put your tree up at Thanksgiving. 
I know this seems absurdly early, but make it a family event. When Thanksgiving dinner is over and everyone is sitting around, have everyone partake in decorating. Also, time slips away so fast between Thanksgiving and Christmas and you won't have to stress about having time to get the tree you will have more time to enjoy it...I call this a win-win-win!

#2 Make your tree look full with flowers
I like my tree to look classic and full. I do this by using only white lights, and gold and silver balls. I then add all of our family ornaments which are in wide variety of colors. Then when every ornament is hung in the right spot, I take large bunches of fake poinsettias (in red, gold and white) that I usually by at Michael's, I cut them into single flowers (keeping the long stem on each), and I fill the empty spots around my tree. The large flowers fill in the holes well, them stems make it easy to slide into the tree, and it makes any tree look absolutely beautiful!

Ideas for Creative Gift Wrapping

My favorite time of the holiday is when I buy that perfect gift for someone and come home and wrap it especially for them. I take great pride in my wrapping, and I am pretty much looking for good paper and adornments year round. Here are some of my tips:

#1 Always buy interesting paper
I never buy the standard red/gold, or green/red with Merry Christmas on it. I look for more interesting paper everywhere...from Michael's and the Container Store to Target and the Dollar Store. Solid colors are always great because you can dress them up modernly, and I love interesting patterns such as plaids and stripes.

It also doesn't have to be wrapping paper...some every day papers might be personal and special...such as the comics or music sheets. If you wanted to go with a natural look, pick up some inexpensive burlap at a fabric store or simple craft paper.

You can also make your own paper on the computer. Simply print out special sayings, words, or even photos onto lightweight paper.

I love the idea of using photo strips (you can make these on the computer too) to wrap your gifts, or just use as gift tags...the possibilities are endless!

#2 Adorn
Every holiday I start with a trip to the Dollar Store. They have fabulous ribbon and adornments. I buy everything from tree ornaments, and dried cranberry flowers, to cinnamon sticks and door knob bells for the tops of my gifts. Ornaments and door knob bells are super easy to use since they already have the hanger...and at $1 a pop they are cheaper than anything you will find at Michaels!

I love to make my gifts look as over-the-top as possible. If you are working with a striped paper, don't be afraid to wrap a large plaid bow on it. I love the mix of patterns, colors, textures...everything really works--you'll be surprised.

Additional DIY Gifts
#1 Photo Books on Blurb--these are the perfect gift for anyone on your list. I love the idea of making baby books for your parents or a honeymoon book for your husband/wife.

Check out the blurb wedding books I did for my parents and in-laws here!

#2 Subway Signs - Has a person on your list traveled a lot? Make a subway sign (check out where I did it here) and get it printed at Kinkos...instead of modpodging it onto wood like I did--find a beautiful frame that is already matted and slide your Kinko's print right in. It will look 100% personal and professional!

#3 Enlarged Baby Photos - When I was dating my now husband, I never knew what to get my future-in-laws. My mother-in-law has tons of amazingly cute photos of my husband and his twin brothers when they were little. I found one perfect photo of my mother-in-law on a plane with my husband when he was about 3; and one photo of my father-in-law sitting on a bench with the three boys and their golden retriever...I had them blown up at Kinko's and framed to match. It was such a personal gift. I made sure the frames went with their decor, and they hung them in their bedroom...success!