Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Meet the Hilfigers

In the spirit of all things preppy Americana...I wanted to share my new favorite commercial...

Meet the Hilfigers! 

This campaign is genius...a little quirky "Wes Anderson's Royal Tennenbaums" meets chic New England Ivy-Leaguers...if the original Kennedy brood were around, this is what they would look like!!

“This new ad campaign...takes our visual identity in a fresh new direction while respecting our brand aesthetic,” Tommy tells Women’s Wear Daily. “This is the first campaign to truly capture the brand’s 25 year heritage of twisted, pretty American sportswear.”

According to

"twisted and pretty it is...the family too. Bloody Mary-loving mummy, daddy, a parade of kids, including a son kicked out of boarding school, a Portuguese exchange student who never left, a mute daughter and two floppy-eared basset hounds gallivant in their Jeep Grand Wagoneer for what’s been dubbed “The Ultimate Tailgate.”

The fall campaign, photographed by Craig McDean and styled by Karl Templer, exemplifies a Royal Tenenbaums touch of quirkiness and humor. And it should. I have always thought Tommy to be the preppy cousin that never took himself too seriously. 
I'm so excited for this campaign to continue! Not only will The Hilfiger's will appear in future commercials, they have expanded to every social outlet imaginable...Chloe has a  twitter page, and will soon have a blog, Noah's rock band will be on Pandora, Lea & Bernard (Mummy & Daddy) are on Facebook and Twitter and even the basset hound has a "Must Haves" list! 

Lea's Twitter Page
Lea's Facebook Page

Check out the commercial, behind-the-scenes, and get to know all of the family members on Tommy's website here!

This makes me want to do an inspiration board around this family for my guest room!!!!!!!

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