Friday, December 10, 2010

DIY Idea for Holiday Gift

Happy Friday!

Boy this was a crazy week...and this weekend is not getting any calmer. On my agenda? Melanie's cocktail party, starting/finishing Christmas cards, a little holiday shopping...and maybe one small craft project...oh and I'm on the hunt for fabulous wrapping paper and adornments!

If you are struggling with gifts for that person who is soooo hard to buy for...I always like making them something super personal! I'm going to do an official "gift idea guide" next week, but I wanted to share this one idea I came across...


Find out what their all time favorite book is...and scan a vintage color copy at Kinko's and enlarge to poster size...throw a nicely matted frame around this...and wholla...a truly unique, personal, and fun gift!

Mine would be Pride & Prejudice!


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