Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Nursery Progress - 4

Yeah the molding is done!!! My contractor did an amazing job--it is exactly what I had envisioned. Seriously if anyone is in the MD/DC/VA area and is looking for a great contractor--email me. He is my "Angel" :)

Tonight, I need to start sanding the wood. And then repainting white (in hindsight we should have probably waited to paint white :) and then this weekend...the stripes go in!

I propped a photo on the shelf to give you an idea of what I plan to do. It will be so nice to lean pictures all around the room so I don't have to worry about hanging photos and I can rearrange easily.

I have also found the perfect brass/gold curtain rod that I'll install this weekend, with the curtains further apart this time. And I bought these beautiful gold frames from Potterybarn which I think I'll wait to add black/white photos of the baby.
9 more weeks to go!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Nursery Progress - 3

Okay I know I promised some amazing photos...but due to Friday's inclement weather my contractor couldn't install the molding until today. But he's upstairs as we speak making the nursery look AMAZING! Pictures to follow this week.

But my in-laws did come over and help us set up the crib and bookcase. Every time I walk past the room I peek inside to make sure the crib is still there. It feels very "real" with the crib set up!! I love how the black-out curtains look with the rug! I can't wait for stripes on the walls, some frames set up on the shelf molding...and of course in 9 weeks THE BABY!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My New Office...In Progress

Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm so excited the molding in the nursery gets installed tomorrow. We are also going to be putting together the crib and bookcase--so look for big photos on Monday!

In the meantime, last weekend I tried to hack my new office together as best as possible. It's definitely looking better...

I'm loving this Moroccan Trellis Navy Blue Rug I purchased for a steal off of RugsUSA during CyberMonday! It really warms up the whole place. All of the throw pillows and yellow tray are temporary until I buy find some great green pieces.

I think this is the wall I will end up painting green--just to make my desk standout more!
My Ikea bookcase is holding up nicely, although it looks a little rough up close. Now I just need a ton of great finds to fill the bookcase. Thrift stores here I come!
I splurged on a white metalasse duvet and shams from Potterybarn. They are so pretty up close and will really go with whatever colors I pick in the future.
This Ralph Lauren Estate wool blanket was an absolute steal--I found it on clearance for $30 at Marshalls. Amazing! I'm not sure it will stay in my office, but it will definitely find a home.

Especially since I just snagged this great "Bean Sprout" favorite throw from West Elm.

Now I'm thinking I need a trip to The Container Store to score some of these great organizing pieces:

How great is this wall color!! Too bright??

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Organizing my closets

Happy Tuesday!

This weekend I was super productive. I think I am in total count-down mode now until the baby comes. There is soooooo much to do and so little time...and that's before I'm up every two hours for feedings :)

Sorry quick tangent...do you remember the fabric I picked out for the nursery...well my mom and I were headed to Calico Corners to buy the fabric and make a pillow and crib skirt when we decided to "swing by" Marshall's first...and look what I found!!!!!!!
Yes my EXACT Wilmington fabric from Calico Corners already made into a pillow...and for only $20! Can you believe it? I think they call this divine intervention :) Now all we have to do is make the crib skirt. How amazing does this fabric look against the rug!!!

Okay back to organizing...

I started by cleaning out and organizing all of our upstairs closets. Ever since I got booted from the nursery closet, my extra clothes have been pitifully spread out everywhere in our guest room.

We currently have two hall closets, both dedicated to coats, so I decided to condense into one and move my stuff into the second.

Here is what it looked like before (terrible):

And hidden behind the coats were these EMPTY and amazingly deep shelves that were just sitting unloved! Shame on me! So first I cleared out everything and then I started to organize...you can see all of my extra pillow covers that I started to fold on the second shelf...PS anyone need pillow covers? I seem to hoard these :)
Then I folded all of the scarves I don't wear every day on the third shelf along with my hats (that always seemed so fabulous when I purchased :) Most of these were hanging out in the second closet that I was able to empty.
 Then I took all coats we haven't even worn once this year downstairs to store away. I also was able to fit the random cleaning supplies in the basket (along with umbrellas) on the left. Now we only have one "coat" closet with tons of room to spare!
 Finally our fav scarves when back up on the hooks and I was done...with one closet!
Next, I put all of my "extra but still wear a lot" clothes into the now-empty second hall closet. I realize having your "things" in a hall closet is not ideal, but this is what happens when you live in a 50's rambler with an expanding family!
Somehow this closet is even smaller than the one in the nursery. And don't pay attention to the shelf above...this will totally change. I still have to add most of my shoe boxes up there and find somewhere else for my every-day bags.
That's right...next I need to tackle my shoes...and three more closets...ahhhhhhhh!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nursery Progress - 2

Happy Friday! Wow am I glad this week is almost over :)

Here's a sneak peek of the nursery. We have painted the walls white, removed the carpet, refinished the hardwood floors (thanks to AG Floors--amazing) and the Urban Outfitters rug arrived!

Next step is to add the wall molding and then my favorite part--add the navy stripes...stay tuned!

This weekend I have two goals: first is to get all of my clothes & shoe boxes (that got booted from the old office / nursery closet) organized in my new office downstairs--space permitting! My second goal is to possibly finish painting the stairs (with No-VOC paint obviously) since they are looking dire lately.

And finally, and completely off topic, the new Rue issue went live this week. There were some great shopping finds (see below) but overall I was underwhelmed with the design spreads. Oh well you can't blow it out of the water every time...I still adore the pub!

Here are two finds from the RUE mag that I'm loving...

I must get these Container Store bins for the bookcase. How cute and at $10/pop a total steal!
And does this $350 pendant look familiar?
It kind of resembles my $64 brass pendant from Urban Outfitters...

Here are the other shots I love from Rue...

If you are ever wondering how to perfectly style a coffee table...this might be it!

 And they featured my hometown, DC, in this issue including some can't miss shops. Read the story in detail here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Inspiration Board: Allison's Family Room

Happy Tuesday!

I wanted to share a new inspiration board I put together for my friend Allison's family room.

Allison already has a great dark brown sofa and two red chairs, so I drew inspiration from those colors.   She wants lots of pop in this room so I tried to pick some bold patterns for the throw pillows. 
When I was sourcing I tried to give Allison as much storage as I could. First, I want to replace their coffee table with a leather storage ottoman. This is kid friendly, and offers tons of storage. A great modern tray on top will allow you to have magazines, remotes, drinks, still on your coffee table. In the ottoman you can add throws, magazines, toys, etc. I also sourced a great wicker storage cube that could go on the side of their media stand for extra storage.

Above their fireplace, I think a mirror on it would look great! It would bring lots of light and style into the room. I love this mirror because it looks like a paned window. Personally, I am not a fan of plants in rooms...mostly because I can't keep them alive :) but also they don't always look super stylish. Instead I would put some great candles and glass vases with flowers on your fireplace mantle.

I would add two matching floor lamps, one on either side of your fireplace. I like how this adds symmetry...and I think the drum lamp shades create a more modern look. 

In between the two red chairs (if space allows) I'd love to put these stackable end tables. This is nice for guests to put their drinks, etc. But it's definitely not necessary if it feels too crowded. 

Lastly, I did a ton of research to try and find you the best storage for kids toys possible :) I keep coming back to this stackable cube/bookcase from PB Kids. First, you can't tell that it's from PB Kids (it looks very sophisticated), and you can put up to 10 baskets in these cubes. You will have plenty of storage for toys!

To bring even more dimension to the room...I think we could bring out one of the light browns in the middle paisley fabric...and paint the bottom of the wall separated by the molding (see inspiration pic at bottom right of board).

Monday, January 16, 2012

What I'm loving at West Elm

Happy MLK Day everyone!

Of course my company doesn't celebrate :) so here I am at work...but at least traffic was manageable!

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I stopped into West Elm this weekend and was blown away by all of their unique and utterly spectacular new pieces. West Elm used to have bold graphic patterns that were out of this world--and then they went a little too granola and blah--but boy are they back!

Check out my favorite pieces below...

 Cool rustic headboard...

Coffee table that hides so much storage...

 Ottoman in super cute fabric

Loving these menswear-inspired bath mats...I might get both to alternate in my bathroom...

 Perfect for a guest room dresser

Beautiful rugs! Seriously these patterns are so graphic and would go with anything!!

 Bold dish ware...
 And napkins...

And last but not least I'm loving this dandelion colored tufted accent chair. So beautiful!
Happy Monday everyone!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Nursery Progress - 1

Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend...if you are in the DC area I hope you enjoyed the insanely beautiful weather (aka 68 degrees)!

Ryan and I were super productive. We took down our Christmas decorations, had our Potterybarn Kids Glider delivered...and with the help of my parents painted my super dark walled office into a bright white nursery.

But what I'm most excited about are my two great finds from Urban Outfitters!

Thanks to one of my favorite bloggers, Look Linger Love, I discovered this amazing brass tiered pendant shade for only $64! This will look so cute in the nursery, plus it doesn't hang too low, and at $64 it is so much cheaper than any drum pendant I could find, the $400 Restoration Hardware Baby & Child iron pendant ...and easier than me trying to recreate the Thomas O'Brien Hicks Pendant!
And then I decided to check out the rugs...Urban has always had the chevron patterned rug I've been looking for, but never in orange. Well guess what?!?! They just got it in orange. And at $74 for a 5x7 this already orange/white chevron is cheaper than my mom and I painting an Ikea rug with the chevron pattern. (I'd still like to try out that DIY project because it looks awesome) but my time is running out so I'll happily buy a super cheap already complete rug for now!

So far I'm sticking pretty true to my nursery mood board...
Here is a pic of my new glider...it is soooooo comfortable...thanks to both of our parents who gave this to us!!! (I haven't put the cream twill slipcover on yet...)
And here are some pics of my office to nursery progress...

Last weekend

And today

We bought Valspar's new ZERO VOC, certified ashtma & allergy friendly paint and I can't speak highly enough about it.  I had Loews match it to Bejnamin Moore's Decorator's White...and since it has zero VOC's I could even help out a little.

Valspar+ is the first paint certified asthma & allergy friendly by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. It provides a durable antimicrobial finish that is mold and mildew resistant. With no lingering odors and zero VOCs, you get a long lasting finish without adding asthma and allergy triggers. Valspar+ is ideal for bedrooms (especially for children), bathrooms, basements and kitchens.