Thursday, January 26, 2012

My New Office...In Progress

Happy Thursday everyone!

I'm so excited the molding in the nursery gets installed tomorrow. We are also going to be putting together the crib and bookcase--so look for big photos on Monday!

In the meantime, last weekend I tried to hack my new office together as best as possible. It's definitely looking better...

I'm loving this Moroccan Trellis Navy Blue Rug I purchased for a steal off of RugsUSA during CyberMonday! It really warms up the whole place. All of the throw pillows and yellow tray are temporary until I buy find some great green pieces.

I think this is the wall I will end up painting green--just to make my desk standout more!
My Ikea bookcase is holding up nicely, although it looks a little rough up close. Now I just need a ton of great finds to fill the bookcase. Thrift stores here I come!
I splurged on a white metalasse duvet and shams from Potterybarn. They are so pretty up close and will really go with whatever colors I pick in the future.
This Ralph Lauren Estate wool blanket was an absolute steal--I found it on clearance for $30 at Marshalls. Amazing! I'm not sure it will stay in my office, but it will definitely find a home.

Especially since I just snagged this great "Bean Sprout" favorite throw from West Elm.

Now I'm thinking I need a trip to The Container Store to score some of these great organizing pieces:

How great is this wall color!! Too bright??


  1. I just ordered that rug for our living room! I love the look, but am nervous about the hand hooked style. What is your impression??? I love how your room is coming along!

  2. Is green your favorite color? It sure looks like it after seeing the green wall and organizing pieces you have presented. Green is actually a pleasant color for any interior space. The shade of green you have in mind for your office wall is perfect.

    Blake Mitchell

  3. I stumbled across this website recently named and they have amazingly low priced Moroccan Trellis,Imperial Trellis and Greek Key Decoraive Pillows.Very pretty and Classic.