Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy 2012!

Happy New Year!

After more than a week off of work, I feel totally relaxed and energized. I can't remember how my brain works...but hopefully that will come back slowly :)

2011 was such a great year. I feel so blessed for my family, friends, husband, home...and of course my biggest event of 2011...getting pregnant!

I am beyond excited for 2012. I'm not even sure what my New Year's Resolutions are?

Except maybe to be a good mother, friend, daughter, sister, wife...and find time to still take care of myself and pursue my that seems like a lot :)

Here is another thing I am proud of for 2011...I finally finished my gallery wall downstairs. This has been hanging without pictures for about one with the help of Ryan I finally completed it before 2011 ended! Yeah!!!

This family frame is by far my favorite...

Ryan and I also moved my office furniture downstairs to get ready for the is a shot of my desk and bookcase now downstairs...don't worry that lamp is not staying!
I can't wait to get this room organized and painted. I'm still thinking Green? I bought a gorgeous white metalasse duvet and shams this weekend at really I can paint the walls any color I want. I'm also thinking a fuchsia would look beautiful with the navy rug??

And finally here is a photo of what my beautiful old office...and soon to be nursery currently looks like...YIKES! That's my crib, bookcase, changing table, and curtains in the boxes, bedding poking out of the shopping bags, and a ton of baby clothes :) I think we'll begin painting next weekend!!!
Happy New Year!!!

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