Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Organizing my closets

Happy Tuesday!

This weekend I was super productive. I think I am in total count-down mode now until the baby comes. There is soooooo much to do and so little time...and that's before I'm up every two hours for feedings :)

Sorry quick tangent...do you remember the fabric I picked out for the nursery...well my mom and I were headed to Calico Corners to buy the fabric and make a pillow and crib skirt when we decided to "swing by" Marshall's first...and look what I found!!!!!!!
Yes my EXACT Wilmington fabric from Calico Corners already made into a pillow...and for only $20! Can you believe it? I think they call this divine intervention :) Now all we have to do is make the crib skirt. How amazing does this fabric look against the rug!!!

Okay back to organizing...

I started by cleaning out and organizing all of our upstairs closets. Ever since I got booted from the nursery closet, my extra clothes have been pitifully spread out everywhere in our guest room.

We currently have two hall closets, both dedicated to coats, so I decided to condense into one and move my stuff into the second.

Here is what it looked like before (terrible):

And hidden behind the coats were these EMPTY and amazingly deep shelves that were just sitting unloved! Shame on me! So first I cleared out everything and then I started to organize...you can see all of my extra pillow covers that I started to fold on the second shelf...PS anyone need pillow covers? I seem to hoard these :)
Then I folded all of the scarves I don't wear every day on the third shelf along with my hats (that always seemed so fabulous when I purchased :) Most of these were hanging out in the second closet that I was able to empty.
 Then I took all coats we haven't even worn once this year downstairs to store away. I also was able to fit the random cleaning supplies in the basket (along with umbrellas) on the left. Now we only have one "coat" closet with tons of room to spare!
 Finally our fav scarves when back up on the hooks and I was done...with one closet!
Next, I put all of my "extra but still wear a lot" clothes into the now-empty second hall closet. I realize having your "things" in a hall closet is not ideal, but this is what happens when you live in a 50's rambler with an expanding family!
Somehow this closet is even smaller than the one in the nursery. And don't pay attention to the shelf above...this will totally change. I still have to add most of my shoe boxes up there and find somewhere else for my every-day bags.
That's right...next I need to tackle my shoes...and three more closets...ahhhhhhhh!

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