Monday, January 31, 2011

Design Find: Anthropologie Curtains

I just fell in love with all of the drapery over at

If you are looking for vintage-inspired graphic prints...look no further!

I would totally love to use this print in a room. I could see this with a wrought iron bed, all-white bedding, barn wood floors, and black furniture with crystal knobs! Yes Please!
I would love to turn this into a shower curtain!
This print would look beautiful in a living room with a ticking striped couch, white wing back chairs, a honey leather ottoman, and espresso floors!
Rock on Anthropolgie Home!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Rue Magazine - 3rd Edition (Hook, Line & Sinker)

Dare I say that Domino has found a successor?

Although it's only available online, Rue Magazine is chock full of stunning design, super great shopping finds, and interviews with some of the industry's coolest! Only on it's 3rd issue--it is already developing a cult following!

A lot of the staff are made up of Domino Alumni and they knew that there were a lot of people, like yours truly, who were desperate for a magazine that brought our community back together.

Here are some fabulous photos from it's most recent issue...Bananas right???
Photographer Adam Joblonski
Photographer Adam Joblonski
Photographer John Gruen
Photographer John Gruen
Photographer Jamie Beck
Photographer Teri Lyn Fisher
Photographer Teri Lyn Fisher
Photographer Our Labor of Love
Photographer Emily Anderson
Photographer Emily Anderson
Photographer Emily Anderson
Photographer Emily Anderson
Photographer Emily Anderson
Photographer Emily Anderson
Photographer Emily Anderson
Photographer Emily Anderson
You are hooked and desperate for the Rue -- 4th edition--right??? Hook, Line & Sinker!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow: 1 Heather: 0

Sorry, no post today!

DC got a messy snow storm last night...and what usually takes me 40 minutes took me 6 hours. 6 scary scary hours...then I got home to no power!

I barely got myself out of my driveway and over to starbucks to work for the day.

Alas, no inspiring design thoughts today :)

But I'll be dreaming about Italy...all day!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sarah Richardson's Sophistico Nursery

As you know I am a huge fan of Sarah Richardson and all that she does! I love her style--especially her pregnancy style :) and she is so cute. I would love her business? check. real estate guru? check. witty side-kicks? check. beautiful family? check. gorgeous summer house? check.

I could go on and on...but I wanted to share her latest work on Sarah 101, which sadly is only broadcast on HGTV Canada (yet again another reason I am loving Canada more and more...but I'll expand on that later :)

Sarah and Tommy recently created a welcoming nursery that will grow with your child.

According to Sarah's website, Sarah’s inspiration springs from blue paisley wallpaper she and Tommy install on the ceiling. Fabric and furniture take deep, rich blues until complementary orange spices up the mix. Sarah’s flash card art idea creates original pieces for mere pennies. Contrary to its elegant undertones the nursery is a warm and happy place for now and the future!

I also am obsessed with this Potterybarn ensemble!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Best Cosmo since Sex and The City!

So I have many thoughts on Las Vegas...but in the interest of keeping this a positive blog, let's just say--Vegas is not my favorite town--to say the least.

Don't get me wrong, there are some great restaurants and amazing shows. But I can't help but feel like I'm completely surrounded by the people I try to avoid on a daily basis.

But I digress...I was completely blown away by the newest hotel to open, The Cosmopolitan...and had to find out more about the interior designer!

Of course it's David Rockwell!

David Rockwell and his firm has designed some of the most interesting spaces that include--but are not limited to--the Jet Blue Terminal inside JFK, Hollywood's Kodak Theatre--home of the Academy Awards, as well as the set designs for the Broadway musicals Hairspray and Legally Blond!

And he sure helped spend the $3.9 billion that it took to create The Cosmopolitan very well!!!

(Interview by Tony Illia from Las Vegas Business Press)

"This is an independently minded project where the owners were open to a whole new set of new ideas," said Rockwell. "A large part of the design sensibility was the notion of curation collected so it doesn't feel like it was all bought at exactly the same time from exactly the same place."

"I was able to get variety by having a large amount on people working on the project. We have had up to 60 people from all of four of our U.S. studios working on Cosmopolitan since October 2008," Rockwell said. "We applied lessons learned working in theater to this project, where you're forced to collaborate. I think we bring choreography to Cosmopolitan. It's one of the things that set it apart."

The 100,000-square-foot casino area, for instance, has floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Strip that eliminate the dark cavernous feeling often found inside megaresorts. To the contrary, there is chrome and glass, diffuse and indirect light, and swirling crystal and glimmering fabrics. The Cosmopolitan is loosely themed on the elements of wind, fire and water, which inform the resort's shapes, colors and material selections.

"Design isn't just the big gestures, it's a lot of small gestures," said Rockwell. "In many instance, the little gestures are even more memorable."

That design credo is especially evident inside The Cosmopolitan's 2,995 hotel rooms, which feature balconies and natural light, kitchens and Rockwell-designed desks. Blue and gold shaded rooms are cosy and contemporary without being cold or sterile. They're sized for small relaxed gatherings that nurture a lazy pampered attitude, with Japanese soaking tubs, folding screens and spacious terraces.

"The goal in design in a hotel is to have a very distinctive point of view. We wanted to the rooms to feel individual and have a very distinct point of view," Rockwell said. "Cosmopolitan thought of this as independent film rather than a studio film, so we investigated how to do things differently."

"Polish without pretense," is how Cosmopolitan chief executive John Unwin describes the hotel atmosphere.

That's what I call design!!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Knew White could be Rustic?

Happy Friday everyone!  I thought it would be fitting as I sit in the extravagant, albeit tacky interiors of Vegas...that I feature a post on subtle, beautiful, and understated decor...

This month Country Living dedicated a whole issue to decorating with one of my favorite colors...WHITE!

Check out this first White home, from Montana...who knew white could be so rustic and chic?

I love the modern white chairs with the old-fashioned checkered tablecloth.

I love this simple throw from LL.Bean and how they spray painted some outdoor sporting equipment in white...old objects instantly become art!

The second WHITE home features an antique collector who uses white to feature all of her finds without feeling cluttered!

I love this idea of hanging a mirror gallery, as opposed to a photo gallery!

Can't type...overwhelmed by how fantastic this is...I can just see my explaining to Ryan why I absolutely HAVE to have 12 antique suitcases :) Or telling someone..."can you please grab the napkins from the 6th antique suitcase from the bottom--thanks!" HILARIOUS!

I don't think I'd ever have enough serving platters to dedicate a wall to...but I could totally see a chef/hostess with the mostess...craving (no pun intended) this type of open storage!

Have a great weekend...I'll be in Vegas baby! Ciao...