Friday, January 21, 2011

Who Knew White could be Rustic?

Happy Friday everyone!  I thought it would be fitting as I sit in the extravagant, albeit tacky interiors of Vegas...that I feature a post on subtle, beautiful, and understated decor...

This month Country Living dedicated a whole issue to decorating with one of my favorite colors...WHITE!

Check out this first White home, from Montana...who knew white could be so rustic and chic?

I love the modern white chairs with the old-fashioned checkered tablecloth.

I love this simple throw from LL.Bean and how they spray painted some outdoor sporting equipment in white...old objects instantly become art!

The second WHITE home features an antique collector who uses white to feature all of her finds without feeling cluttered!

I love this idea of hanging a mirror gallery, as opposed to a photo gallery!

Can't type...overwhelmed by how fantastic this is...I can just see my explaining to Ryan why I absolutely HAVE to have 12 antique suitcases :) Or telling someone..."can you please grab the napkins from the 6th antique suitcase from the bottom--thanks!" HILARIOUS!

I don't think I'd ever have enough serving platters to dedicate a wall to...but I could totally see a chef/hostess with the mostess...craving (no pun intended) this type of open storage!

Have a great weekend...I'll be in Vegas baby! Ciao...

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