Monday, January 10, 2011

Inspiration Board: Orange & Charcoal Living Room

Happy Monday!!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I had a wonderful time in New Jersey visiting my aunt & uncle!!

I am very excited on this Monday for two reasons...

First, I got my new dining room chairs and they look brilliant! Look for photos later this week.

Second, this month I am going to help my friend redesign her bedroom and living room...and I'm going to blog all about it!

Like everything I started with an inspiration board.

I started my inspiration board based around the everyone-in-the-design-world-covets Hermes blanket. I also thought orange, charcoal, and neutrals mixed with rustic elements would be a perfect blend.

My girlfriend is very chic and tailored--so I wanted the room to convey the same feel--but it was important to still keep the space comfortable and inviting.

Then after talking more with my friend, we decided to nix the zebra rug and more rustic elements (coffee table, bench, dining table) and bring in more modern elements such as a striped rug, marble coffee table, and warm gray-brown dining table.

We also might paint a whole wall orange to make the right bold statement.

I'm going over next week to start measuring--let the fun begin :) Stay tuned for the bedroom post.

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