Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Basement Progress

I am so excited this year to get my basement officially finished. As you can see, we still have much to do...

but we then again we have come a long way!

And this shot is after we knocked down a wall, a closet and added recessed lighting. The shots from when we moved in aren't even suitable for your eyes :)

This is a good shot of our new windows. They are much smaller than our windows circa 1950...but they are insulated which help make the basement warmer, and now nobody can shimmy in.

I absolutely love the navy/cream chain link rug I bought on ebay. It really anchors (no pun intended) the whole room!


I decided to go with a smoke blue pillow to contrast the navy cute is my iron net lamp!

Instead of doing built-ins we decided to get the new Printer's media suite from Potterybarn. The distressed wood goes perfectly with our look, and bonus we can take this with us when we move. (PS--the Bose speakers sticking out of this photo are Ryan's x-mas gift)
This is one of my antique finds from Bethany Beach. This piece used to house fire wood, and now it is perfect for extra throws and pillows. I was going to paint it, but I am liking the original (old) wood look.
This is my favorite piece. This is my mother's grand-mother's table...which means it is over 100 years old. I grew up with this table in my parent's kitchen...and my mom and dad restained it for me before I moved in. How beautiful is this table--and the leaves pull out to make it even larger.

We are getting new Potterybarn dining room chairs this weekend (wooo-hooooo) so we are moving our chairs upstairs downstairs...LET THE GAME NIGHTS BEGIN!
And now here starts the succession of chairs I have purchased and need to recover...

This half-moon table was my grand-mothers and fits perfectly against this wall. I got this sign at the antique says Surf, Fishing and Mullet :)
And these are my new PB Distressed ledges I am bribing Ryan to hang this weekend while I'm in NJ. They are super cute and will be perfect for pictures and candles.
Overall I'm loving how everything is coming together. We are having a little of a flooring debacle. Before we moved in our basement was water proofed and the flooring was installed. It's not great cream laminate tile...which I would love to replace...and now since we can't find the same tile to replace the holes created when we tore down walls...I don't think I have a choice now.
So left on our basement to-do list for 2011 is...
  • Replace flooring (new tile or laminate flooring)
  • Paint the stairs white/black...add runner
  • Hang artwork
  • Create one wall as a photo gallery (hanging family photos, etc.)
  • Add a buffet / bar


  1. Love what you did to your basement! Looks amazing. You did such a great job with everything.
    Has a very modern and chic look to everything with some rustic touches

  2. awesome job, Heather! love the feel of the place and great accessories :) sheree

  3. Hello, I love what you did to your basement, fantastic Job.

    I have a question for you. I need your help.
    I am thinking to buy the same carpet as yours and that is how I got to your blog.

    I recently bought a carpet from Horchow, but it sheds like crazy.
    It is supposed to be a great quality but does yours shed a lot?

    I can make a small chunk of extra wool chunk if I rub the carpet really hard for about 10 second. Does yours do that?

    Please help!!

    Thank you so much!

  4. Hi Nanae,

    Sorry I haven't responded--I only saw your comment today. My carpet does not shed a ton, but I have noticed a little. I'm going to do a couple tests and report back. But either way, I'm obsessed with the design :)