Thursday, November 18, 2010

Equestrian Chic

This one's for you Kaela... although I didn't coin the word "Equestrian Chic" I literally can't run away from this style trend lately. And I am all over this look. This Americana meets English Country Side is 100% classic and flattering. With a cream sweater and brown boots you instantly look rich. Plus, this is one "non-trend" that is very trendy at the moment that my husband has always win!

Here's how Equestrian Chic is everywhere you look...

First, I am obsessed with using equestrian images in room art:

Second, I am on the hunt for whiskey colored leather boots. Loving these...
Third, my girlfriend visited this weekend wearing an insanely fabulous Barbour jacket (see below)...hello Equestrian Chic!

Lastly, Miss Kate Middleton is all over the press for getting engaged...stylish English women scream Equestrian Chic. (PS--I love her. She totally rocked the interview and kept her cool. She must be sighing a huge sigh of relief...if you broke up or got dumped how would you start the conversation with your new man..."so my previous boyfriend is going to be King, but it's super cool that you work at an accounting firm...")

So I thought I'd post images a few fabulous spaces that personify Equestrian Chic...I would love to incorporate this look into a space in my house.

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  1. Ooh.. these photos are fantastic! Great compilation!