Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tommy hero!

A couple of me fellow bloggers already posted these photos, but I just can't resist!

These photos need to be seen!!!

Do you watch Sarah's House? Sarah Richardson is one of Canada's top designers who has about 10 TV shows, including Sarah's House on HGTV. Love!!!!

She is super talented and creative, and renovates every inch of a house turning a hot mess cooking (HMC) into a fabulous oasis. I love that she can look at a bunch of beams and floor boards, and see the potential. Check out her design website for tons of great tips and ideas! But I'll post more about her later...

The real reason for this post is her design commander-in-chief Tommy Smythe--the other reason I can't miss Sarah's House.

Besides being brilliant, uber chic, and unapologetic for his love of all things luxury, Tommy is also hilariously funny! My favorite is when he talks bitchy to ugly furniture! Or when he calls himself a Homogenius!

Tommy has impeccable taste. Check out his designs below...I am dying over how much I love this kitchen!!!

First, screw the Potterybarn wine cabinet I have been saving for...I want me some floor to ceiling custom wine cabinets. How great is this? Plus it's such an innovative way to maximize unused space!

I'm always a sucker for beautiful white cabinets with glass doors. But what really has me going in this kitchen are the black framed windows, and exterior lantern. How unexpected and fantastic! Lastly, I love how Tommy has added the rich brown table to the mostly black/gray/white palette. This original piece really warms up the space and keeps it from feeling too predictable.

And this bedroom! I picture Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger fighting over dibs on this rustic-Americana-chic space. I love the black/cream plaid blanket on the red/white zig zag quilt. hero!

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