Friday, September 24, 2010

I Love Colorful Front Doors

Confession time...I have wanted to paint my front door for ages. I even wrote one of my first posts about this. But alas my door is still exactly the same as the day I moved in.

Here are my completely safe / predictable options...

The quintessential red door:

The more modern black door:

My wild card is painting my door a blue.

Possibly a dark inky blue like Evening Sky from Benjamin Moore:

 Or a beautiful light blue-gray:

And I would love beautiful black window panes:

Just for fun, here are some fabulously colored doors I would love to try...if I wasn't married to a traditional Midwestern boy :)

And one door that I walked past in Georgetown last weekend and completely fell in love with...I had to pull my camera out of my bag and start snapping (Ryan ran away with embarrassment) :)

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