Thursday, September 9, 2010

An Artist's Beautiful Retreat!

On a day like this when my relaxed beach self is a million miles away, and work/life balance is completely non-existent and it almost seems too much to take...

The simple country life (albeit fabulous) seems oh so tempting!

My cousin Katie who lives in my-fav-city Boston, and whose parents took care of me while I was at Boston University (love them!) sent me an email about her childhood friend who is an amazing artist and whose art studio was recently featured in Apartment Therapy.

In the words of Rachel Zoe..."I Die!" When anyone with a creative bone in their body goes to sleep dreaming about what their life could look like if they followed their hearts and made a living out of doing what they love, this would be it!

According to her website, Robin Luciano Beaty is the recipient of the '2010 Spotlight Award' for 'Outstanding Abstract Artist of the Year' and featured in 'The Wire' Magazine as one of 2009's most intriguing artists!

Robin concentrates primarily on the ancient wax based medium of Encaustic paint, a molten beeswax mixed with resin and dry pigments, which she incorporates mixed media, vintage materials, textiles and found objects. Her work has been described as "deliciously collectible."

Robin's art studio is located in Byfield, a village in the town of Newbury, located about 30 miles north-northeast of Boston and 10 miles south of the border between New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

According to Apartment Therapy, Robin's barn "set on an angle 50 feet from the road — is loosely landscaped with natural rock and wild flowers. A vintage blue Vespa sits out front adding to the warm, countryside feel. The backyard is equally charming with a small farmer's porch and a chicken coop that houses three friendly chickens. The space is light-filled, airy and spacious and houses beautiful collections of antiques and a few classic contemporary pieces. She has organized the open space to host guests, to paint, to work with the wax, to sleep and to do office work. Some days when she spends long hours in the studio she will nap upstairs on the daybed, but mostly it's used for guests. The ladder leads to a windowed cupola where she plans to build an upholstered bench for lazy afternoon reading with the best views."

Oh my god, doesn't this sound like heaven!?!?! It is truly inspiring when someone young and fabulous can create such a beautiful environment where art literally represents life.

I hope one day I have my own work space where I can be surrounded by beauty and the things I love and be truly inspired!

Check out Robin's work here!

(According to Apartment Therapy)

Antique stores

Couch: Crate & Barrel
Chairs: Pier 1
Vintage painting tables from antique fairs
Main painting table: IKEA
Bed: DIY from windows and doors of childhood home
Coffee table: made from leftover hemlock beams from the construction of the studio with a butcher block top
Office: IKEA

Todd Farm Antique Fair in Rowley Massachusetts
Pieces passed down from family


First floor drapes: DIY made with dupioni silk and family heirloom doilies

Benjamin Moore

Southern yellow pine

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