Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fabulous Online Shop: Company C

A couple months ago I stumbled across this fabulous online shop: Company C.

According to their website, Company C was started in a garage by Chris and Walter Chapin in 1994, and is now a premier design studio and leading producer of exceptional home furnishings. With over 1,000 dealers worldwide and three exclusive Company C stores, Company C has established itself as a top manufacturer of distinctive rugs, bedding, furniture, decorative accessories and fabrics. Not only do Company C products have a special look and feel, but Company C itself has its own unique design philosophy.

Color is a passion at Company C. Mink Brown, Kiwi Green, Chili Red and Sapphire Blue are just a few of the colors they are over the moon about.

Here are some of my favorite Company C. items:


Ummm could this be the cutest rug ever made!!!!!! can I persuade Ryan to buy this????


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