Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shop Profile: Z Gallerie

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday...I spent the weekend celebrating my 2-year anniversary, and yesterday was a crazy day :)

In honor of Z Gallerie moving out of Tyson's...so Arhaus could move in...and then literally moving back in, just one door down...

I thought I would profile Z Gallerie!

(according to their website) Founded in 1979, Z Gallerie began as a small poster shop in Sherman Oaks, California. The brothers and sister operated the store during the day and framed posters at night in their parents' garage in Van Nuys.

Z Gallerie is great for inexpensive, fun, slightly modern accessories for the home. You can always find something unique. I love the range of everything from white lacquered animals and Parisian mirrors, to vintage prints and iron bird houses. When you are decorating it's hard to realize that what you need in that "I have no idea what should go there" spot is a white lacquered Ram's head. Plus if you ever decided that was what you had to have...you would never ever find it! But when you are browsing, it just seems right...and you are so glad the buyer for a mass chain store like this could read your future mind!

Here are some of my favs:

I'm seeing a huge "bird" trend...and I'm liking it :)


Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming to see a bunch of random pieces, and wonder how it's going to all look together. But here's a great example of what a couple random accessories:

Can look amazing all together:

Don't fret, if you do not live near a Z Gallerie, you can purchase these great pieces on their website!

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