Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to decorate on a budget: start shopping thrifty

People ask me how to decorate their house on a budget...and I have one answer...thrift store furniture. Besides my love affair with Potterybarn, I have a hard time buying new furniture when there are so many amazing, and probably better built, pieces waiting for someone to take them home.

Every time I walk into a thrift store or antique store, I find a piece that would look better than new with some sand paper and spray paint. Throw in some inexpensive hardware (knobs, handles) and you have yourself a fabulous piece at a fraction of the cost.

Case in point...

Last week, I stopped my one of my favorite thrift stores, Joseph's Coat, and found this charming side table. I love the simplicity  of the legs. It's not ready for it's close up yet, but with a quick sand and some spray paint (I'm debating between white, black or lobster bisque), this will look absolutely perfect and modern as a side table in my basement.

And at $22 with 50% off...you can't really walk away from an $11 side table

Especially when it reminds you of something else you have seen recently...
Potterybarn side table; $199
On to my next great find...okay so I did splurge and by these great rustic ledges from Potterybarn, but the great buoys and vintage map I found at my favorite antique store (more on that below) for under $5 each!

My favorite of all time antique store is Beach Plum located in Bethany Beach (it was also profiled in Young House Love last week!. Not only do they have absolutely stunning pieces, a lot of their inventory is nautical themed--perfect for me! If you've never been--you have to go tout de suite!

Last weekend, I stopped by and found this charming mirror and drawer piece.
The weatherd look is absolutely perfect, I literally don't have to touch a thing. Can't you see this in an entryway or powder room?
And at $35, Ryan and I paid the owner and ran before he realized what a steal this was!
Remind you of anything...

Potterybarn; $199
Also, if you look past my side table photo...you will see my other side table in the background...this piece was built to store firewood a long time ago, now it is the perfect side table with tons of storage inside and wheels...another brilliant $40 find at Beach Plum.

I will probably paint both side tables the same color...just not sure what color that is yet :)
Lastly, while searching some of my favorite blogs, I came across a posting on this great Etsy shop, Dreamery Studio, that I immediately bought 3 prints from.

How amazing are these? I love the combination of nautical life, drawn with ink on vintage book pages...all things I adore! And at $8.50 each I bought 3...and will frame them next to each other (with the red coral in the middle) for maximum impact. These prints are such a departure from what people expect to see in coastal chic spaces...sea shells, sea shells...and more sea shells!
Do you have any great thrift store finds of your own? Email me photos, a description of where you found it and what you are going to do with it to: heathermuety@gmail.com!


  1. If you decide to auction off the three prints ... especially the red alga ... let me know. I might go high from the start! (Dad)

  2. Dad--check out all of the other prints located here...for only $8.50!!! http://www.etsy.com/people/DreameryStudio?ref=ls_profile