Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Linen Closet Organization

This weekend as promised, I tackled my linen closet & bathroom. I can't show you photos of my bathroom yet because it's still not suitable for the eyes (I have major plans for such a tiny bathroom) but I promise it has been completely decluttered and organized!

But I can show you photos of my linen closet :)

Here is a photo of the before. As you can see towels, sheets, cleaning supplies are haphazardly thrown everywhere. It was a total waste of space.

So first I removed everything! This is about the time Ryan came home to a closet full of junk and just shook his head at me :)
Check out how deep our shelves are! I can't believe I wasn't utilizing this space.
Then I bought a plastic -piece drawer set from Target, a couple baskets that were in my bathroom...and organized all of my toiletries.
Look how much space I have left! There are more sheets, that are currently being washed, but they will fit perfectly on the top shelf. I'm also going to tie the sheet sets together with ribbon to keep them perfectly organized.
I put all of my non-essentials in the top drawer
Ryan's non-essentials in the second drawer (who needs 5 sticks of deodorant?)
And the bathroom supplies in the bottom drawer.

The two baskets contain out-of-season (like sunscreen) or non-everyday (like icy hot & baby powder) items, hand towels and toilet paper.
For the extra towels & sheets, that I'm probably never going to use but feel guilty about throwing away right now...I packed them up in a lovely Martha Stewart container I got for $5 at Home Depot and up in the attack they go!

Although this wasn't a huge project--it feels so good to be organized. When you have such a small bathroom, it is imperative you throw away the clutter, and have a place for everything. It is so much easier to get ready in the morning.

I do have big bathroom plans--but I'll post more about that in a few months (aka when I get my tax return :)

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