Friday, February 18, 2011

Shop Profile: Twelve Chairs Boston makes responsible design look good

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Today is quick I'm down in Bethany Beach relaxing...ahhhhhh...can you hear that? That's a sigh of happiness! A much needed break!

I wanted to profile a Boston store that I recently read about in Elle Decor, and became obsessed with!

According to their website, Twelve Chairs is a home furnishings shop and interior design studio located in Boston’s up-and-coming Fort Point neighborhood. The shop provides a well-edited, thoughtful, and beautiful collection of items that surpass the company's standards of sustainability, good stewardship, and just plain good looks. Twelve Chairs promotes the idea that beautiful design and respect for the planet and its people do not have to be mutually exclusive.
Cofounders and creative directors, Roisin (Row-sheen) Giese and Miggy Mason, LEED AP, met at Cornell University where they majored in Interior Design. Through a combination of their passions and experience, Twelve Chairs came to be: informing, empowering, and inspiring their customers to live in style . . . sustainably.
How did they come up with Twelve Chairs? Twelve Chairs is named after their 12 studio mates for their inspiration, humor, encouragement, and memories. 
I love this!!!!!!!!! To all my best friends, if I ever make it one day I promise to honor you in this way too :)
Are you interested in bringing some environmentally consious pieces into your home? Fret not...Twelve Chairs offers design services including:

At-Home Design Consultation
Signature Design Package
A La Carte Design Studio Services

Check out the following images from Twelve Chairs...I love all of these amazingly unique pieces!

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