Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Crush Part 1 of 2: Windsor Smith

Happy Monday!

No matter how hard Mondays are (and they are super hard for me) nothing can perk you up and make you feel happy and inspired more than beautiful design.

And boy do I have some beautiful design for you today! Beautifully layered design---hmmm my favorite.

(Hint-hint: check back tomorrow to see how you can get Windsor Smith to personally decorate a room in your house!)

According to her website, Windsor Smith is widely known as a design industry influencer. Windsor’s design intuition comes not from external influences as you hear from so many designers, but rather from an organic internal instinct and desire to have a life filled with color, texture, style and purpose. Windsor captivates with her engaging candor and fresh approach to design.

Check out Windsor's gallery below to see some of the most beautiful spaces ever:

Do you remember this space? It was House Beautiful's Sept 2009 Cover!

Bananas right?!?! Definitely HUGE design crush--and look how fabulous Windsor is herself!
My new role model :)

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