Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Design Crush Part 2 of 2: Windsor Smith

By now you are like me and are completely obsessed with all things Windor Smith and her touch! And if you still like me you are thinking...only in my dreams could I hire Windsor Smith to design my space.

Well your wish has been granted...Windsor Smith has introduced an awesome new concept called "Room In a Box."

RIAB Video Revised 11/24/10 from Windsor Smith on Vimeo.

How amazing is this? It is truly bringing quality design to everyone! I love anything that makes design more approachable...and this takes the cake!

Here's how in three easy steps you can get a design just or you...
  1. Fill out questionnaire
  2. Photograph all four walls (make sure to photograph the wall-side to side, and ceiling to floor)
  3. Take photos of existing furniture (photograph the items you want to keep & work into design)
  4. Measure room and create drawings (as if you were looking down. This will be your footprint. Next, measure each wall indicating door openings, window locations, electrical outlets and AC vents. The accuracy of this information will aid us in the best furniture placement possible.
  5. Gather inspiration images (include 4 images of rooms that you have torn out of magazines or have downloaded from the internet, that you feel best illustrate the way you would like your room to look and feel.)
  6. Upload or mail in materials

This is where the Windsor Smith team will spend hours in a think tank laying out and scrutinizing all of your information all the while distilling it all down, so to best tell your very personal design story.
  1. Analyze your questionnaire--Paying special attention to what inspires you and determining where your style compass is pointed will enable us to analyze the colors, shape, images and style indicators revealed in your answers.
  2. Review your room photographs--Your photos and room drawings will allow us to better visualize what you see every day. This gives us insight into how to seamlessly integrate your furniture placement plan into the set parameters of the room.
  3. View photos and dimensions of existing furniture--This process helps us determine what pieces you wish to pull forward into the design. We will work hard to think of ways to give them a fresh new look.
  4. Assimilate your inspiration photos--Your inspiration photos best articulate your goals and aspirations for your room design. Through meticulous analyzing of these images over countless collective cups of coffee, we will determine a design direction that is uniquely yours.
  5. Scale and dimension your new room--Using your measurements we will draft up a “to scale” drawing of your new room showing your new furniture placement.
  6. Create visual tools for you that articulate our design--We will design and put together a ring of furnishings and fabrics, a “to scale” floor plan, a rendering and a story board for illustrating your room design.
  7. Manage the timing and schedule of your box design--We will deliver to your door the room of your dreams in approximately 6 weeks. Throughout the process we will communicate with you through your My Studio message page.
  8. Connect you directly with design specs in hand to your merchants 
  9. Provide loyalty discounts with our merchants--You will be given discounts on all of your purchases affiliated with your new room and also for special sales throughout the year.

Within 6 weeks from when we receive your completed design tasks, a beautiful peacock blue box with your gorgeous room design will arrive at your door. Your gorgeous box will include the following items:
  1. Room Illustration--This "wow" rendering brings your new room to life. It is the cornerstone of your new design, illustrating the room, complete with all the furnishings, fabrics and accessories that we have specified for your room.
  2. Furniture Plan--This "to scale" drawing will enable you to visualize where every piece of furniture will be placed. Each piece is selected to fit perfectly within this footprint.
  3. Furnishings Storyboard--This allows you to visualize how all of the items relate to one another and give you a sense of how the lines of one piece of furniture play off another, creating a cohesive whole.
  4. Furnishings Selection--Rings of these cards will show you what furniture, lighting and accessories we have chosen to create your space. Take them with you as you walk around the room imagining how they would look. And also be sure to take these with you when you are out shopping for your new room!
  5. Fabric Selection--These are the materials that provide you with a tactile experience of your well crafted room. You will be given a fabric ring which holds all of the specified fabrics, wall coverings and paint chips that make up your soft elements carefully marked as to which furnishings they are intended.
Check out the menu of rooms here. Seriously, how great of a gift would this be for someone! 

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