Friday, August 20, 2010

My Thrift Store Finds + A Great Cause

Last weekend, after an unsuccessful attempt to get a new license (have you ever seen the DMV line on a Saturday? Uhhh) I decided to swing by the thrift store across the street from my neighborhood.

I've been meaning to check Joseph's Coat, a re-sale shop that benefits abused women and children.

First, how great is this logo? And check out their website, extremely chic for a re-sale shop! But I digress...

(from the website) Joseph’s Coat Re-Sale Shop is an integral part of the Family Assistance Program of Bethany House of Northern Virginia, Inc. (BHNV).  Many domestic violence victims have received emergency clothing, furniture and household items donated to Joseph’s Coat. In addition, Joseph’s Coat reaches out to the community and assists in providing some emergency items on a case by case basis. 

Joseph’s Coat receives in-kind donations which are distributed directly to needy families, used in the shelters, placed in the homes of women when they set up a new residence, or are sold to continue the work of providing necessities and services to families and persons in need. Your donations of used quality household furnishing, linens, clothing and other household items are greatly appreciated.

After only a couple minutes roaming through the well layed out shop, I came across my first treasure:

How fabulous is this? Does it remind you of something? It looks just like the rustic mirror I posted in my Guest Room 2 Mood board below...

Except this was only $35! Yes, and if you don't believe is the proof :)

Since I already bought a glass mirror for the guest room, this will look perfect in my in-progress coastal chic basement.

I had to search a little further for my second treasure...buried towards the back of the store, I found this:

How cute is this!?!? I instantly had to have this in my guestroom downstairs! How great is this going to look with my clementine duvet and mustard yellow chair! Plus, I will be able to store extra guest towels, magazines, etc. in it. And when I saw the price tag on this beauty my heart smiled:

Here's a little secret...while I was trying to take a photo of this, I accidentally locked it! And don't have the key :) Anyone know how to break into an awesome, vintage Kelly Green trunk? Call me...

I really think good design starts with solid investment pieces, and then comes alive with the personal accents that can be either new or vintage and can be found anywhere...from high end stores, to flea markets, and even a re-sale shop!

I can't wait to set up my great weekend finds!
And if you are in the area, be sure to check out Joseph's Coat.

Joseph’s Coat Re-Sale Shop
3022 Annandale Rd.
Falls Church, Virginia 22042
Main line: (703) 538-6289

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