Monday, August 23, 2010

Style Crush: All Bow to Queen Kelly

You might not have heard of Kelly Wearstler, Queen of Design, but you have probably read a magazine she was on the cover of, and you will most definitely recognize some of her designs.

 Remember the wallpaper I would give my left arm for? Kelly Wearstler.

A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art (I knew I recognized her from Daisy Buchanan's :), Kelly moved to California and quickly became the go-to designer for the elite. Her enchanting designs are bold, colorful, modern, and quirky as all heck. Her style might not be for the most conservative, but you can not help but be memorized and stirred by her uncompromising artistic voice!

From the look of her work below, you can see why Kelly was named one of the style leaders in 2010 by Town & Country; honored as one of House Beautiful's best designers; dubbed one of the design world's top taste makers by House & Garden; and named one of the best dressed of the year by Vogue.

(from kwid website) Wearstler continuously draws upon her intercontinental travels and penchant for studying and collecting both vintage decorative arts and pedigreed antiquities to create a constantly evolving, yet indefinable style.

How fabulous is she! Is she a super model? Is she a mom? Is she the type who reads to her kids in a ballgown? Yes to all of the above.

And if you don't want to die with jealously that this women has more style and creativity in her pinky finger than you do in my entire body...check out her closet!

Dear Santa...I have been so good this year. Can you please bring me this chain link charcoal/white rug????? Take that you Madeline Weinrub Chevron Rug!

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