Monday, August 9, 2010

A Waterfront Restaurant with Charm

On my way to Bethany Beach in LSD (Lower Slower Delaware) last Friday my mother-in-law and I stopped at the loveliest new restaurant across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. It's called Bridges, and it's surrounded by water, boat slips, jetty's, can't get more quintessential chill-lax boat town than this.

But more importantly than the vibe was the was out of this world cute!!!

First the outside is lime green, baby blue and cream...I know it sounds so weird...but it totally works on the water! Please don't try this in Georgetown or Alexandria...people will point at your house and laugh. But on the water, people just smile and sip their fruity mixed drink...classic!

Two things struck me most about this space...the use of natural honey wood, and the mix of industrial lighting and vintage french Provencal.

Most people, including yours truly, can't get near wooden walls without a white paintbrush in their hand. I seriously have a white paint problem...I want to paint everything white: moulding, furniture, beadboard, even my bathroom vanity which I just painted black--I want to repaint white (can you hear Ryan sighing?).

So I was instantly drawn to the untouched honey wood everywhere, the doors, the floors, the walls. I loved the natural color and the way it kept things rustic and interesting.

Bridges also has fabulous lighting. All of their hanging pendants, inside and out, including their ceiling fans are iron and chrome, and have a raw industrial look that balances the natural wood, warm colors and french accents.

But the best feature was this ridiculously unique wine bottle chandelier. I have no idea who or how they made this, all I know is I love it! I finally know what I can do with all of my empty wine bottles. I know longer need to take the empties out in stages to keep the neighbors from looking over with judgement. I can simply hang them from my ceiling proudly!

I'm also thinking of making chalkboards similar to these and hanging them in my guest room downstairs. I figure the black and white will look perfect, and how cute would it be if I could welcome my guests by name each visit...and maybe even add the next day's weather :) They would either be incredibly touched or totally creeped out!

Lastly, I fell in love with this prep station. Check out the vintage French cart. The wooden pizza paddles, pepper mills, and french baguettes couldn't look more perfect. If I had an extra large kitchen I would kill for this prep cart as an island. I would put some wooden stools next to it, and my napkins and plates on the middle shelf...merci!

Next time you are heading across the Bay Bridge (perhaps on your way to the Outlets) you have to stop at Bridges...I'll be the one with the fruity drink staring at the wine bottle chandelier!

Hope you had a great weekend! Look out for my party pics this week!


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