Monday, August 16, 2010

I Love My New Camera

This weekend three great things happened:

#1: I nabbed 2 great thrift-store finds--will post pics this week
#2: I was asked to guest blog on the ever cool I Spy Things DC--look for my guest blog later this week

AND #3.....drum roll please................

I bought a new camera!

Since I started this blog, I have been taking all of my photos with my iPhone. And while I will never speak ill of my Apple godsend...let's just say it doesn't have a flash, and I need a flash.

After some brief researching (aka asking my friend what camera she has because I love it) I bought the Cannon PowerShot SD1300 with 12.1 MP, a 4x Wide Ange Optical Image, and a Stabilized Zoom...and I'm not always in the most steady of mind frames when I need a good close up shot!

Let me just is amazing. I can't believe how much brighter my photos are coming out.

Here is me happy:

I love how it captures the light in my living room & kitchen!

And more importantly..look how hot it makes Ryan look :)

I hope everyone has a great week. Ciao!

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