Monday, October 24, 2011

What every bachelor pad should look like!

I can't believe it's already Monday...the weekends fly by so fast! Before you know will be Thanksgiving! I had a wonderful weekend, complete with fall drives, the Georgetown homecoming with friends, and lots of apple cider :)

Anyhooo...I was combing through my favorite mag site, House & Home and came across Brad Ford's NYC apartment.

Seriously, for any guys-guy who lives in an apartment that still looks like a frat house, or use tray tables as nightstands, or sleep on silk sheets...please pay attention: This is what a bachelor pad should look like!

I love this space, so warm and lived-in (the opposite of Sabrina Soto's NYC apt) with interesting pieces and a masculine yet inviting color scheme...good on ya Brad Ford! I feel like at any moment, Brad is going to widdle some wood and make a beer mug for that's a man :)

Natural tones dominate in Ford's living room, grounded by a cement floor painted chocolate brown.
"Texture and shape can help soften that hardness, making the room warm and inviting.”
Photographer: Eric Striffler


  1. WOW - that is supppppppppppper hot. I would totally be impressed if I were to walk in to THAT (the guy AND the apartment!) HA! Great post! xo