Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Peek at Rue Magazine's founder's San Fran apt!

Happy Tuesday!

So I've been waiting for the anniversary issue of Rue mag...mostly to see the spread of Founder Crystal Gentilello's San Francisco apartment! I've been following her progress on her blog Plush Palate, but the final result was absolutely stunning!!! I am obsessed with the smoky black walls and light gray accents, and I adore the peach pink flowers below...so unexpected with the charocal palate....love!

I love the idea of doing a wall gallery with all shapes and sizes of rustic mirrors--perfect for a dining room!

I need to find out this hallway gray color...actually this whole hallway is making mine feel empty and void--maybe I should do a little wainscoting and frame hanging?

And then I love how in stark contrast to the moody romantic living room is the airy romantic feel of the bedroom. So bright and feminine!

And if you want more...check out Crystal's old Chicago apartment...man this chica is talented...she should start her own design mag...oh wait...she did :)

 I spy the same charcoal gray vase used in her San Fran living room...so refreshing!

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