Friday, October 7, 2011

Target's Vintage Charm Collection

Happy Friday!!!

Let me just is a joy working with Amy and her husband Stu. Not only do they have great taste, but they make decisions and move faster than the speed of lightning! There have been so many new developments since my last post, but I'll give you more details and pics next week.

Today I wanted to share their living room pics. We decided to paint the whole living room Benjamin Moore's Simply White, since a lot of the rooms (including the hallway and upstairs) were painted in the gray family. There is so much natural light in this room, and we wanted it to be bright and airy--think Shutters in Santa Monica! But Amy still wanted the room to be interesting so we decided to paint the ceiling the same Kendall Charcoal. This works so well since their whole downstairs is pretty open and one room flows very easily into the next. Keeping to a handful of colors, helps keep the continuity!

Here is a pic of the room being painted...
Before we decided to go with navy in the dining room, we were throwing around the idea of a deep purple. Although we decided not to paint a whole dining room purple...I think the living room is a perfect place to bring in pops of plum, raspberry and mulberry. I came across this recent ad for Target's new Vintage Charm collection...and I thought some of these pieces would work perfectly!
So I wanted to look more into this Vintage Charm Collection from designer James Gallagher--it's fabulous and mostly sold out online :) But definitely still check in your local store! And if you see the stool--grab and I will buy from you :)

Check out the awesome pictures and interview with James from Target's blog A Bull's Eye View:

Below, Target design doyen James Gallagher reveals his fall collection inspirations and his five home must-haves.
Have you always wanted to be a designer?
James Gallagher: I always loved to draw and create as a child.  I thought I would be an architect, but found out I could make a living designing items for people.  I changed my career path my third year in college and never looked back.

Tell us a little about the collection.  
JG: The collection is rooted in the idea of vintage and authentic materials that can stand the test of time.  We incorporated textures into everything, from woven wool rugs to heavy throws and textured felted woven baskets.
What was your inspiration for this collection?
JG: We took inspiration from vintage textiles including flour grain sacks, classic striping and vintage European floral designs.  We also took form inspiration from vintage shapes such as pharmacy lamps, apothecary jars and vintage bake ware.

What are your favorite pieces from this collection? 
JG: I would have to say the woven wool and jute rug and the woven felt basket.  The quality and design on these items are fantastic.  The rugs were hand woven in India and the woven felt basket is a perfect way to offer storage and function with a great soft material.

Do you visit any flea markets, estate sales or fairs before the design process?
JG: Definitely!  The design teams travel to the Rose Bowl flea market in Pasadena, CA, and others throughout the US, as well as local flea markets here in Minnesota.  There is inspiration everywhere.  We always look forward to attending the Maison et Objet Show in Paris and make sure to find time to shop the Paris flea market while there as well.

We love the vintage elements throughout the collection. Are you a fan of mixing the old with the new?
JG:  I am.  I also love how we have the opportunity to put a twist on the old in the hopes of improving it.  It’s our job to constantly make things better for people.

What is your home style?
JG: I love mid-century influences and designs.   I love the simplicity from that time period.  I have a mix of Danish modern and American mid-century, modern items that have stood the test of time, often found at estate sales or vintage shops and mixed with global finds throughout my travels.

Any tips for a new homeowner when it comes to decorating or mixing different style elements throughout the home?
JG: I would say keep it simple and go with neutrals on surfaces like the walls, floors and big furniture pieces.   Have fun and show your style with a mix of your accessories and what is meaningful to you.  Don’t be afraid to mix up finishes and items.  It should be a reflection of what you love.

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