Monday, October 10, 2011

The elusive Target stool is mine today on Falls Design!

First off let me say Happy Birthday to two of the most important women in my Aunt Susie (October 9th) and my sister Caitlin (October 10th). They are both strong, beautiful smart women and I am a better person because of both of them!!

Second, I had a wonderful weekend at the beach--so beautiful! And on my way...I stopped at a Target in the middle of nowhere and guess what I found~!!!!!!!

That's right--the Vintage Charm stool that is sold out everywhere! I walked in saying...I only need body wash, I only need body wash...don't buy anything else...and then I came out holding this stool :) I'm not sure it will forever live in my family room...but it looks mighty cute now!

This week is already getting off to a big cluster--so not sure how on-top-of-my-stuff I'll be this week!!

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  1. Lucky you scoring that stool! It's sold out everywhere... even online.