Monday, October 3, 2011

30th Birthday in NYC!

Happy Monday everyone!

I am officially 30...yikes! I was up in NYC for a friend's wedding and so my family and friends joined me for a fabulous night of dinner and drinks. I was such a lucky girl, surrounded by loved ones as I enter this new chapter in my life.

A big thank you to my husband who not only was the best wedding date over the weekend, and the best husband ever, but picked the most fabulous restaurant and gave the sweetest speech. I am most lucky to have him and I am thankful every day!

Here is the fabulous restaurant, Hundred Acres, situated on SOHO's MacDougal Street. A table decorated with fresh fruits and wines in Hundred Acres' middle room evokes a farm's welcoming kitchen. In back, a charming garden makes you feel as comfortable as you would in your own backyard. Highly recommend!!
Also check out how stunning my friend was at her wedding! So beautiful and her emerald tear drop earrings were to-die-for!!
I'll post more pics of the weekend tomorrow when I get around to downloading!

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