Friday, July 29, 2011

My Beach Week

Happy Friday & Happy vacation to me!

Today is the day...I am officially off to Bethany Beach (after a couple family brunches and one Manchester United vs. Barcelona soccer game this weekend)!

As I've started to pack...I've begun longing for a nice adult carry-on! I am so over my wheeled suitcases and opened Lands End totes! These are not easy breezy practical.

I really want a classic, preppy, kick ass durable weekender bag like this one from Filson!

And since Ryan literally hates every single pair of sunglasses I own...maybe I'll pick up these super cute Tory Burch sunglasses...they are the perfect combination of classic wayfayers and feminine cat-eyes :)

Either way I'll be visiting my favorite beach antique store, Beach Plum, and reporting back throughout the week.
Ciao for now...

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