Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Free Paint Matching Apps that will change your Painting LIfe

Greetings from the beach! Did I mention I love vacation??? :)

Have you ever seen the perfect blue? Maybe on a sweater in a store, or in a piece of art in a restaurant and thought...that is the blue I want for my room. Why can't I just bring this large-scale piece of art with me to the paint store?? Well no you can simply take a photo and find out which paint chip is most similar.

Sherwin Williams has a great app called ColorSnap. Use your iPhone, Blackberry, or Android smart phone to capture real-world colors that inspires you and match it to one of 1,500 Sherwin-Williams paint colors.

You can snap a photo of anything. I tried a Rold Gold pretzel bag and it worked perfectly. It also served up complementary colors that would go with said Rold Gold :)

My favorite line (for colors...not paint) Benjamin Moore also has their own color matching app: Color Capture.

Just use this handy little app to snap a picture of a color inspiration that catches your eye and you can instantly find its match from Benjamin Moore's more than 3,300 paint colors. You can also share your favorite colors on facebook, twitter, or email them to your husband!

So download either of these free apps...and the world is your color wheel :)

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