Monday, August 22, 2011

My New Obsession: Picker Sisters!

Happy Monday everyone! I'm going to let you in on my newest obsession, a TV show called Picker Sisters on Lifetime!

It stars two L.A. based interior designers, Tanya McQueen and Tracy Hutson (you might recognize them from Extreme Makeover--Home Edition) who are absolutely beautiful, hilarious and talented!!!

These best friends get their personally designed U-haul and truck from L.A. to the backwoods of Texas, Louisiana, etc in search of junk treasurers they can haul back to L.A. and reinvent into fabulous rustic design pieces.

Not only are they so funny it's ridiculous, it's fun to watch how the middle of nowhere farmers interact and befriend these two crazy girls. And the pieces they fix up are out of this world.

I watched 5 shows this weekend and I am totally hooked! So far they've dipped a '73 Harley Davidson motorcycle in gold and turned it into a console table, made a carerra marble powder room sink out of a meat (yes that kind of meat) saw, and used 1500 lbs of chain link for a coffee table.

This show has given me inspiration to maybe start collecting my own treasured junk and selling it on Etsy...stay tuned.

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