Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Dream Office Space: Burnham Design

I am so excited today I can't stand it...I am going to my first Interior Design class at the Corcoran in Georgetown!!! I can't wait to be in a room with a bunch of people who like to talk about design for 5 hours straight!!

One day, many years from now I would love to work at a super cool design firm like Burnham Design!

If you have ever redone your home office and searched for inspirational images...most likely you saved the following image as one of your favorites!

Well it is no surprise that this infamous office is home to Burnham Design! Here are more pics of their office space. Seriously I love every inch!

Who is behind this fabulous office? Betsy Burnham is the principal designer and founder of Burnham Design. Originally from the east coast (she graduated from Dartmouth) Burnham's design philosophy includes an "unapologetic mix, that layers pattern, texture and periods." According to her website profile, Betsy is addicted to accessories, loves menswear-inspired fabrics and fervently believes in mixing thrift with couture!

Betsy Burnham totally rocks! Check out some of her other spaces below:

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  1. Wow, is that really their office? I guess interior designers there feel very comfortable because of its homey design. Maybe that atmosphere helps them think creatively and let the creative juices just flow into their blueprints.

    Danny Riddell