Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Jeffrey Alan Marks & Tavern Restaurant

If you are like me you get more and more obsessed with Million Dollar Decorators, the reality show on Bravo which follows the LA's top decorators around as they boss around their employees and housekeepers, then you are familiar with the work of Jeffrey Alan Marks. Yes he is a little over-the-top dramatic, yes he has the most beautiful boyfriend in the world, and yes he commented that sometimes he thinks his job is more important than the President of the United States :)...but he has beyond fabulous taste and is oh so talented.

I have been obsessed with Jeffrey Alan Marks since I dined at one of his commercial projects, Tavern Restaurant, in LA. The colors and ambiance were like nothing I have ever experienced before, a slate green olive, dark blue gray with a butterscotch color...lots of wood and tufted leather banquettes. To me this is one of the most beautiful spaces I've ever been in...take a look:


Stunning right??? Check out some of Jeffrey Alan Marks' other spaces...

The ultimate beach decor...a canoe on the ceiling. I wonder if Ryan would let me put a canoe on our super short ceilings :)!!!!

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