Thursday, July 14, 2011

Re-painting my bathroom Part Deux

Sorry for the lack of post yesterday, I was up painting my bathroom pretty late on Tuesday. But I have to say Restoration Hardware paint is absolutely fabulous, and my magic paint brush + roller made painting and cutting in a breeze. I didn't even use tape!!!

I think the charcoal really makes the room feel so much more modern. I love the coziness and the way the white tile (albeit old) pops. And the brass shower doors definitely don't stand out as much.

My contractor is coming over tomorrow to help me with the crown molding, a towel rack + new frameless medicine cabinet...and then we are definitely good to go...

until I get the green light to take a sledge hammer to all of it!!!


Also, I found a pair of awesome Turkish towels at West Elm!!! I'm definitely still going to order a hot pink pair from  TurkishTowels but these are perfect for instant gratification. Cute right??!!

Remember my bathroom when we first moved in?

I'll post pics on Monday with the new medicine cabinet (hopefully it fits).


  1. Your towels look like my grandma's. But I don't know where she bought hers. Anyway, your bathroom is way better than before! I bet it’s cozier now. Did you ever think of putting plants, even only artificial ones, in your bathroom?

    Sophie Heinicke

  2. Great suggestion, Sophie! Aside from the fact that plant provides a calming and spirit-boosting atmosphere, it also lightens your bathroom. However, the lighting will depend on where is the window located. For south and east windows, which bring in the most light, Crotons, Cyclamens, Azaleas and Asparagus Ferns are the perfect plants to place in your bathroom. On the other hand, you can put Dieffenbachia, Spider Plants and Calathea in north and east windows.

    Randell Jeffries

  3. Your bathroom definitely lit up after the paint job. Your hard work surely paid off! Yeah, those towels are gorgeous. They actually accentuate your bathroom so well. Hmmm... hot pink would look nice too! :)

    -Gabrielle Jeromy