Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Re-painting my bathroom

If you have read my blog before, you know my tense relationship with my bathroom. Not only is it small and outdated...it just happens to be the only full bathroom in my house. Gotta love those 1950's ramblers.

I am constantly plotting it's demise, but unfortunately it's not going anywhere for a while. So in the meantime, I am going to re-paint it. Here are my inspiration photos:
It started out an awful beige when we first bought the house:

First I started by removing the hideous shelving unit, and painting the vanity black and adding crystal knobs.

Then I painted the walls a stone gray, which had way too much purple undertone (this picture actually looks decent, but in person it looked way to mauvey):
So on Sunday I started painting it Simply White, thinking the white would work well with the tile, etc. Wrong! The white walls now make my old old old tile look dingy. Now I'm in the middle of painting it...the same charcoal I have in my dining room. What do you think?
I think it will really make the white tile pop, and I'm not worried about it being too dark since I have a window in my shower (?) and the room gets very bright. I'm interested to see how the charcoal/navy color will look next to the blank vanity, but I know it will work well with my hideous 70's brass shower doors.

What I'm most excited about is I will be able to use any bright colors as accents in my hand towels, rug, etc. I'm thinking of ordering Turkish hand towels (called a 'Peshkir' in Turkey!) from etsy...
A Peshkir, is made from 100% organic natural cotton, linen or silk and woven on a hand-loom. It absorbs water as fast as a towel but is lighter, and dries very quickly.

Our peshkirs are made from 100% organic natural cotton, linen or silk and woven on a hand-loom. Bright stripes are woven from yarn rayon. Rayon yarn fibers of poplar tree. All natural and organic. Peshkirs are machine washable in cool water. Washing softens the fabric.

Peshkirs can be used as:
-Hand towel
-Guest towel
-Tea towel
-Head towel
-Hair towel
-Kitchen towel
-Baby towel
-Small tablecloth
-Beach towel

Check back later this week for photos of my bathroom finished...

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