Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Office Redux

In addition to sprucing up my guest room...I'm also thinking about redoing my office. We plan to rip up the carpet in my office and have my floors refinished so I thought now would be the perfect time to redecorate!

Here is my inspiration pic:

My plan is to have Angel add wainscoting 3/4 of the way up the wall, and then paint navy and white horizontal stripes up the rest. This will make the room feel so much brighter.

You know I have been jonesing to put gold/bronze/brass accessories in my house, and since this isn't Ryan's favorite idea...I figured my office was the perfect space to get this gold out of my system :) So I hoping all accessories will be

I love the idea of incorporating a rug like this one from Dwell as well as some throw pillows. I love how flexible this color scheme can be...I can change up the color from Nantucket red to bright yellow, to even turquoise and Kelly green. The options are endless.

I also got a great lamp and mirror at the Leesburg antique stores this weekend. The lamp is literally larger than life and reminds me of something from Restoration Hardware. All it needs is a huge, maybe charcoal lamp shade, and we are good to go. The mirror is super cute and swirly...and is currently green. Ryan hates it so it might get turned into a new color...stay tuned!

I'll post pics of my Leesburg finds tomorrow!

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  1. Love your ideas! Adding horizontal stripes to the wall will make the space look wider and lend an illusion of having bigger space. It's a small thing that can have so much impact on your working space, especially since you're doing it for your office. And it'll match the rugs like the ones you've posted here. Have fun with your office renovations!

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