Friday, September 16, 2011

Lovin Fall

Happy Friday everyone!

I couldn't be more happy that today is the last day of the work week! It is crisp and beautiful out and I am looking forward to some good ol' family time this weekend! Almost exactly one year ago today I featured the most beautiful fall photos of my fav actress Kerri Russell...and I just couldn't go another day without posting one again! Seriously this is what timeless matter the year it is still fashionable and relevant!
PS I am wearing a similar infinity scarf today...but mine is Leopard!

Since I have been completely distracted and avoiding doing anything productive in my house for about 3 months...I figured I'd set some goals to tackle this weekend.

First, it is getting tragic how many frames are empty in my house. Not only have I not yet filled my wall gallery (below) but random beautiful frames I had to display immediately still do not have photos! It is so hard for me to narrow down which photos I want to use--but I just have to bite the bullet.
Secondly, due to allergies I had to sleep in my guest room last night and let me tell you...I was so bored by the decor I immediately fell asleep :) I'm not sure what my vision is for this room but I'm going to start looking for inspiration this weekend. I usually (and against the advice of every designer) start with a paint color...but I'm forcing myself to be patient and logical...and instead I'm going to start sourcing fabrics that I love and then determine my color scheme! But I am loving this room...

One thing I know is that I might want to try some textured paint. I saw something similar in Carson Kressley's bedroom feature in House Beautiful's June issue. He has a beautiful charcoal paint that they textured so it looks similar to a linen or grasscloth wallpaper...but less permanent. I think it would be fun to try something similar!

Lastly, I'm finally getting a cleaning service to come bi-weekly. Ryan and I have held off long enough due to the fact that we are a little embarrassed we can't adequately take care of a house with only 1.5 bathrooms...but we finally caved! I am so excited for them to come on Monday...but of course I want to get my house in order...isn't it funny how people clean so much before the cleaning crew come?

So that's it...I'm not holding myself to anything too hard...I'm just excited to start focusing on my house and life again!

Hope everyone has a great weekend and enjoys the beautiful chilly weather!

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