Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Missoni Fever

So...naive me thought I would wake up early and stroll into Target around 8am to check out the new Missoni collection :) Well it seems that everyone, and I mean everyone, had the same idea.

First, there were women with carts literally running around the Target in Falls Church :) Beautiful knitwear, dishes, glasses, pillows, sheets, rubber boots, scarves, laptop bags, etc. were flying everywhere.

It was exciting, hilarious and a bit silly. I too had a cart but was a little late to the party. I managed to get one cool black & white vase, two beautiful sweaters, and two dresses.

The only thing I regret not getting was the double-sided throw. But I realized, as I was walking around Target dodging hysterical women, that although I have a love for all things Italian and appreciate beautiful knitwear...the infamous Missoni pattern on plastic plates or rubber boots just looks cheap and doesn't do it for me.

So all in all I was happy--and definitely amused!

I would put pictures up...but apparently the Missoni crazy has literally crashed one of the largest companies in America's website, Target.com. So I'll add pics later :)

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