Friday, September 23, 2011

Amy's House - Post 1

Happy Friday everyone!! Have I mentioned how much I love Fridays?? :)

Anyway...I'm so friend Amy and her husband recently bought a huge and fabulous house in Maryland. She took me on a tour yesterday and let me just say it's awesome! Her and her husband moved down from NYC a couple of years ago, have two beautiful sons, and need a lot of great pieces to furnish their new digs. Amy asked me to help her and my head is spinning I'm so excited.

Amy and her husband have such great taste, and we like a lot of the same looks so this is going to be so fun. But like so many people, yours truly included, they don't know where to start. There are so many rooms, so many pieces needed and they don't want to make the wrong decision first that will affect everything. What I told her is...there really is no wrong choice. There is no perfect wall color, there are lots of options that will look fabulous in your space...the key is to go slowly, pick out things you love, and over time build a well collected and edited (you might have to move things around from one room to the next) home.

I can't wait to get started on our plans for Amy's house. I'm headed up near Camp David this weekend to source fabric from a designer fabric warehouse for my guest room :) and Amy's house!

Like me, Amy gravitates towards grays, whites, creams, and blues. She has decided to paint her gigantic living room Benjamin Moore's Moonshine (my fav gray of all time)...and then we are going to wait to see what fabrics and textures she wants for the rest of the house before choosing paint colors.

Here are some quick inspiration photos I pulled for Amy's living room...stay tuned :)

Amy has two little I like the idea of slip covered chairs in the living room, across from the sectional, that she can just pull off and wash.

I love this graphic rug which would work perfectly with the gray walls and cream couch!
Amy just added built-in cabinets on either side of their fireplace, and I'd love to see the back of the built-ins painted a darker shade of gray!
 Amy is super chic and modern...but really likes the "new rustic" look. I think graphic pillows like these paisley prints are the perfect combination of modern rustic.
I just threw this pic in because Amy has a beautiful dining room with thick crown and chair rail molding, and I'd love to see this room be super dramatic and glamorous. I love this navy/charcoal/almost purple color!
Amy's downstairs space is so large, I think there will be a great opportunity for a wall gallery of family pics and travels!
 I hope everyone has a super great weekend!

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