Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Small Accessories can make a big impact!

Before my girlfriends come...I of course am trying to spruce up my two guest rooms. Now I have been known in the past to "overextend" myself as Ryan likes to call it. Past projects (mere days before our guests have arrived) have included laying new tile in the kitchen, purchasing a new box spring and mattress (that was literally delivered during our party), buying a full-sized iron bed at Ikea and then cheering Ryan on as he spent 45 minutes trying to get it in our small car...the list goes on.

But this time, although my reno list around the house is still miles long, I decided to just do some simple updating through a couple of new accessories, and literally moving a lot of the stuff I already have around to different parts of my house.

Today I'm showing you the super cute accessories I found--tomorrow I'm showing you how I moved a lot of stuff I already had...

I knew I needed at least 3 lamps--one for each guestroom, and I really wanted another lamp in the family room. My shopping trip started at good ol' Homegoods where I spied these two lamps:

Can you say equestrian chic? Yes please!!! I placed this on the nightstand in my upstairs guestroom and it looks fabulous. I love it! (PS--sorry for the super dark pictures)
Then I hung my two frames from West Elm on the other side of the bed.
I found this outdoor pillow at Target which looks perfect on my stone colored chair. I finally got my trellis print!
Back to Homegoods for this great iron table lamp. This goes perfectly with my whole nautical theme in the basement--and matches my other iron lamp.
I found this winner of a lamp at Target on clearance for $27. I love the glass base--it's so beautiful and goes great in my downstairs guestroom.
I also hung about 5 more pictures/mirrors last night too. Seriously, I have become "beast" at hanging things!! But now I need to add pictures in all of my frames!!

At Homegoods I also picked up a few accessories for my downstairs bathroom. I spy another empty frame :)
I wanted to keep the blue/water theme so I focused on beautiful  blue mosaic and clear glass accessories.
All in all not huge purchases. But pieces that really add to the overall comfort and pulled together feel that you want--especially in your guestrooms. 

Hope everyone has a great day!

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