Monday, June 27, 2011

I Dream of Bathroom Tile

On Friday night Ryan and I had dinner in the design district (aka Cady's Alley) of Georgetown. Staring into WaterWorks and what used to be Ann Sacks as I ate sea bass and sipped on German beer I started dreaming about what my tragic bathroom could one day look like.

Our bathroom currently has white vintage tile floors--which I love. But the problem is it's impossible to get back to a white that looks clean--which literally drives me crazy every single day.

In my new bathroom, I would love to keep a vintage-looking tile, but maybe in a color/pattern that can age well. That plus classic white subway tile and I'd be a happy girl!

Here are some shots of my favorite bathroom floor tiles...

In case you want to see what my tragic little bathroom looks like see below...first it's the only full bathroom in our house (we will eventually add a shower to the downstairs bathroom), second it has weird jet streams in the tub...and for the tri-fecta of tragedy...the golden shower doors straight from the 60's-70's.

The positives? I painted the vanity black and put vintage glass knobs on the drawers...hmm I've already run out of nice thins to say about my bathroom :)


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