Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Grand yet Charming New England Home

I am completely in awe of the his grand New Hampshire home from New England Home magazine. It is large, spacious and elegant...yet it still maintains that charming, cozy cottage feel.

According to the owner via New England Home “My favorite house is a gorgeous little cottage in Rhode Island. I kind of took details from it for this house,” she says. “I knew we needed a bigger house, but I still wanted that cottage look. I love gorgeous, detailed, traditional architecture.”

This house reminds me of the spectacular home featured in the movie, The Proposal with super-hot Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock (who had the perfect hair in this movie...but I digress).

I love the whites, creams, dark woods and red accents!!


I would give anything to be sitting here reading a newspaper, drinking a coffee, and eating buttered toast right now :)

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