Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Target's Blue + White Collection = On Trend

If you've even watched one minute of HGTV over the past week, you haven't been able to miss the super cute new commercials from Target, featuring one of my favorite HGTV hosts, Sabrina Soto!

Not only is she absolutely beautiful and down to earth, she is kick ass at DIY projects and 99% of the time put the homeowner men on the show to shame :)

I love that she is the new spokesperson for Target. If she can stage the ugliest houses in the world for less than $1,200...then she is by definition cheap chic!

With the help of my mom, I was able to snag one of Target's azure blue paisley pillows Sabrina is hugging on the commercial. Right now it's on both my mom and my couches and I have to say for completely different room decor, it looks fabulous on both! I'll have to post pics later.

But Blue + White decor is literally everywhere I look...magazines, stores, TV, etc. Which is great for me, because my house is done in a similar palette.

Here are some awesome finds from Target's Blue + White collection:

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